Health and Safety

Staying Safe, Staying Successful

Health and Safety at the workplace is always top priority at HSL. We strongly believe that these are the most important elements in the business management process. Our bizSAFE Star Award and bizSAFE Partner Certification demonstrates our commitment in turning this belief into systematic, sustained practices that keep our people safe, healthy and happy.

With a safer workplace, accidents are prevented, productivity increases and at the end of the day, the company enjoys better business. All of our clients, especially the MNCs in the oil & petrochemical and marine industries place extremely strong emphasis on safety. They come to us and stay with us knowing that we are a company that values safety as much as they do.

In 2016, we were  awarded the Royal Society for Prevention of Accident (RoSPA) Gold Award, a UK-based Health & Safety award. As part of our management’s pledge towards Health and Safety, on-site safety audits for all projects are conducted on a regular basis. With formal safety accreditation and training, as well as a strong commitment to minimize hazards and mitigate their impact, our clients can certainly enjoy peace of mind when working with HSL.

IMS Policy

Click here to view the IMS Policy of HSL Constructor (PDF).

HSL Health and Safety