State-of-the-Art Piling Barge

The HSL SGP3 is one of many HSL Constructor Pte Ltd’s latest additions to our growing marine technology fleet. The piling barge boasts superior technical capabilities designed to boost HSL’s productivity levels, equipping the company with the cutting edge to assume larger and bigger projects. Currently one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most technologically advanced, HSL SGP3 allows HSL’s current wingspan to spread even wider, expanding operations within the region.

This heavy-duty piling barge, measuring at 47.81 metres in length along with a piling leader height standing at 76m, is a purposed-built vessel designed for driving large diameter steel and concrete piles. It is especially suitable for deployment in large-scale projects ranging from jetties to wharves to ports.

Powered by efficient Weichai diesel engines, HSL SGP3 carries the latest available technology, which includes a central control system enabled with GPS positioning which optimises the pile pitching process to enhance both accuracy and productivity. It is also well equipped with process automation and is built to handle piles with huge diametres of up to 3000mm and up to 80 metres in lengths. Not only does this allow HSL to design and install bigger piles, it also allows reduction in the total number of piles needed for any one project, directly reducing costs and increasing piling efficiency.

The HSL SGP3 is designed to maintain stable operations even in rough marine conditions, ensuring that downtime due to inclement weather are kept to a minimum. It also offers a working platform that keeps the crew comfortable and maintaining their focus and performance around-the-clock. Conducive on-board facilities such as air-conditioned crew-lounge, crew-rooms, meeting-room, berths and other amenities further enhance the crew standard of living, ensuring quality of rest when required.

All international safety requirements and regulations are fully met on HSL SGP3, allowing it to operate efficiently and safely in any location and environment. With its high performance capability, excellent stability and exceptional safety measures, this piling barge will definitely provide higher productivity to both HSL and it’s clients. With the significantly lowered equipment and manpower costs, it provides HSL with the competitive advantage while it’s environmental friendly technology serves to lower fuel consumption and increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment, complimenting our on-going CSR efforts.

The HSL SGP3 embodies state-of-the-art marine technology in every way; allowing the company for vast improvements in productivity, service quality and environment protection to keep HSL a leader in the marine engineering industry.

HSL Piling Barge