Our Differentiators

Thinking Different, Staying a Leader

Our rapid growth and solid standing in a competitive and fast-changing industry is not through mere coincidence. We have recognized from day one that in order to succeed, we have to be better, faster and smarter than the rest – in other words, we have to be different. Which is why we have identified and instituted our own set of differentiators that shape our philosophy and guide our actions, down to the simplest daily tasks. They are the reason we can confidently carry our success deep into the future.

The dynamic and complex world of construction is one that demands innovative solutions. Our simplistic and practical approach enables us to readily embrace challenges; and our solution-driven nature helps us to take the worries away from our clients, so they can devote more time and attention to their own core businesses.

We are here for the long term. Since day one, our meticulous attention to the needs of clients and partners has enabled us to establish deep-rooted relationships which are reinforced by unparalleled standards of business ethics and integrity. Complementing each other through the practice of co-thinking, we continue to shape our clients’ successes as well as our own.

Remarkable things happen wherever there are passionate people with extraordinary determination. Passion was what brought our people into the industry and eventually, into HSL. Understanding that, we continue to fuel the fire within by building a work environment that revolves around integrity, innovation, team synergies and empowerment.

A proactive approach to safety and health is the key to ensuring our people return home safely to their loved ones each day. Simply because we believe this is the right thing to do, we have strongly integrated this thinking into our daily work, and safety and health has definitely become the top consideration influencing all that we do.

We have raised the ideal of ”delivering certainty to each and every client and partner” to a whole new level. Inherent to delivering certainty is the expectation of quality — quality not just in delivering the best end results, but also in executing a series of activities with finesse, from beginning to end.

Green is our corporate colour for many good reasons, but chiefly because it aptly symbolises our desire for sustainability on three fronts: People, Planet and Profit. Believing the choices we make today will have an impact tomorrow, considerations for profitable but sustainable growth have been weaved into the very fabric of our operations.

HSL Key Differentiators