Marina Coastal Expressway C481

Marina Bay, Singapore

The 5km Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), Singapore’s most expensive and only sub-sea expressway, stretches 3.5km undergrounds including a 420m section under the seabed. Spearheading the first phase of the MCE construction, HSL took charge of pre-boring and piling of 1,500 interlocking steel pipe piles, jet grouting and construction of capping beams for the 613m long seawall. Its construction will serve as a barrier between the open seas and allow efficient land reclamation works. Upon its completion, the MCE connects the southern, eastern and western parts of Singapore to Marina Bay area, easing traffic congestion and bringing added convenience to Singapore’s central business district.


  • HLS Infrastructure


  • Land Transport Authority (LTA)


  • Marina Bay, Singapore