Long-term Maintenance of Marine Facilities

Jurong Port, Singapore

Proper maintenance of marine facilities is a key factor to ensure that ports and terminals continue to operate well under heavy traffic and a high volume of loading/unloading activities. We were called upon by Jurong Port Private Limited to lend our expertise to maintenance works for Jurong Port.

Initial discussions were first held with the client to identify the specific work required to be completed. For instance, maintenance for fender may involve the replacing of the entire fender with body or just the fender face pad. It may be performed on land with scaffoldings, but where the work area is limited a crane barge may need to be mobilized to get the job done. Our practice is to propose various methods and also make recommendation for any changes to the client plans based on our own site assessments.

Proudly enough, our work has always being smoothly completed ahead of time and with no mishaps. We receive compliments from the client on the quality, safety and timeliness of our work. Innovative methods and strong team work has allowed us to pull off an impressive performance, and we are currently negotiating with client on further long-term maintenance contracts.


  • Jurong Port Pte Ltd


  • Jurong Port, Singapore