Improvement to Bedok Canal Contract 1

Between East Coast Parkway and the Sea

Demolition of existing 45m wide trapezoidal drain, existing box culvert and outfall pipes  and reconstruct a 60m wide open U-drain including 60m wide 6-cells box culvert, 60m wide composite drain (U-drain with 2 cell box culvert), 60m wide sea bed protection and dredging works.

Sheet piling and strutting work will take part at the early stage of the project for temporary flow diversion channel on the eastern bank of the canal to facilitate the reconstruction of existing open canal. Upon completion of the construction works, the temporary flow diversion will be backfilled and surface made good.

Dredging work will be carried out at the mouth of the completed 60m wide composite drain (U-drain with 2-cell box culvert) to required level for the laying of 60m wide sea bed protection.


  • Public Utilities Boad (PUB)


  • Bedok, Singapore