Tan Siong Wei

9 Jan to 27 May 2017 Industrial Attachment
Civil Engineering Student, Nanyang Technology University (NTU)

Why HSL?

HSL is a company that deals with a wide aspect of engineering that includes Marine, Ground and Plant engineering. With projects both locally and overseas, it has lots of opportunities for you to learn and venture into one that is of your interests. On top of that, it is trying to revolutionize the image of engineering by having their head office artistically designed. It is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen.


What did you enjoy most during your internship?

Walking around my site which is the Tuas Desalination Plant 3. Because there is so many things going on at site such as communications, liaising, lifting, drilling, installation and marine works. And not only that, I get to talk to the workers from various neighbouring countries and start to appreciate our life in Singapore so much more.


How is this internship important to your education?

In school, all we did was to calculate and memorise certain theories which are very dry. By coming to the site, it helps to link certain knowledge we have learnt in the classroom and understand them even better. I would say it is very important to have an industrial attachment experience as part of your learning journey.


What have you learnt and how has it benefited you?

My biggest takeaway would be a range of construction methodologies from piling of foundation to finishing of a building, and the ability to read the drawings. These are the kind of knowledge that once learned and mastered will be etched in my mind, and stay with me wherever I may go.