Richard, Assistant Project Manager

Richard Chong

Assistant Project Manager (2010)
Engineer without borders

Why HSL?

The main reason that attracted me to join as a permanent staff after graduating was working culture. My bosses and colleagues are always ready to coach others and share their experiences which prepare young engineers to succeed as future leaders by continuously honing their skills and broadening their perspectives.


What are some of the memorable experiences you have encountered so far?

I went on a mission trip to a rural village in Cambodia with the rest of the CSR committee to build a water filtration system. We had the opportunity to conduct a demonstration on personal hygiene, teaching them how to use a toothbrush and keep our bodies clean. It was a very meaningful trip in that we got to interact with, and be endlessly inspired by, the locals, who lived simply and were happy with little.


What are you currently working on?

I am currently in the International Business division, which covers business development & market research for potential markets outside Singapore. I prepare tender proposals for potential projects. Upon successful awarding of projects, I will then proceed with managing and executing the project.


How has your perspective changed after being in the managerial role?

As a leader in my team, I now have to lead by example, coach and also motivate the team to push towards our set target. In other words, it is more of a “WE” rather than “I” approach, to bring the team to greater heights on our continuous journey for a greater HSL.