Chee Ming, Project Manager

Lim Chee Ming

Project Manager (2005)
Guy who lives in the plant

Why HSL? 

Back when I graduated in 2005, the main objective I wished to achieve with my first job was to learn as much as possible about construction and civil engineering. I felt that joining HSL would allow me to achieve this.


What are some of the memorable experiences you have encountered so far? 

I have many memorable experiences, especially first-time encounters. My first project was a very challenging assignment involving the demolition and installation of structures housing “live” equipment. I had to work out the sequence for demolition while ensuring that the main structure was not affected. Completing the project gave me a huge sense of achievement and pride.

Later, I was assigned as a Construction Manager for the largest project I have undertaken to date. The role involved interacting with our overseas client, which gave me the chance to learn many new things and work with people from different cultures. The whole experience was fruitful and enriching.


What are you currently working on?

I am managing a couple of tankage projects as well as some plant maintenance works. We are progressively building manpower capabilities of our engineers in this area and looking forward to secure more extensive projects.


How has your perspective changed after being in the managerial role?

Having gone through the journey myself as an engineer, I see the need to be there for the next generation of engineers, by encouraging and providing them with a safe and meaningful learning journey.