Abdul Munsyi Bin Abdullah

9 Jan to 23 Jun 2017 Industrial Attachment
Civil Engineering Student, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Why HSL?

During the school term, I went for a site visit to HSL’s Sungei Ketapang project, and from there I learnt about other projects that HSL is undertaking. Most of the projects are largely beneficial to the community such as Tuas Desalination Plant project as it provides drinkable water to residents in Singapore. The purpose of the project is one of the deciding factors on why I chose to do my internship at HSL.


What did you enjoy most during your internship?

Being in Mighty Engineering & Construction, a subsidiary of HSL, allowed me to be involved in various stages of the construction process, such as tendering for new projects, and managing a construction site not just for the civil aspect but also the mechanical aspect.  As a civil engineering student, mechanical works were challenging for me but useful knowledge to have, as construction is not only limited to civil works. What I enjoy most is learning about the different methods and equipment used in doing a certain job, as those might vary according to site conditions and restrictions.


How have you applied what you learnt in school?

Construction management helps me to better understand the sequence and time taken for an activity; which helps me to plan the activities for that week and so on. More importantly is good communication – being able to break down jargons and simplify them so that clients, supervisors and workers at all levels are able to fully understand the ideas that you are putting across.


What have you learnt and how has it benefited you?

I have learnt that time is very crucial. In construction, procrastination will bring great delays to the project and it will snowball into bigger problems. It has benefited me not only at work but also personally. I have planned my time better especially the time spent with family.