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Internship with HSL

We believe in nurturing aspiring engineers through practical internship opportunities, which offer a holistic view of the construction industry. Students will be exposed to construction projects and witness real-life challenges in managing projects.

For the past years, HSL has been actively partnering Singapore educational institutions in offering internship programmes. If you are considering an internship, we welcome you to apply with us!

Contact your school’s career office for more details on our upcoming internship vacancies.

BCA Undergraduate Scholarship/Sponsorship

HSL sees the importance of identifying young talents and preparing them for the future. Through partnership with BCA, we offer Scholarships/Sponsorships for engineering students who possess the passion and positive attitude to thrive with us.

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Feature on Our Attachment Students

Nicolas Dierling
16 May to 26 September 2016 Internship

Student, Gymnasium Lilienthal (Secondary School)

What I enjoyed most during my time at HSL was definitely the feeling of being in good hands. I also liked the fact that everything seems so organised.

It was a very nice experience to work with all kinds of people from all over the world with completely different cultures. Even better was to see these sundry people and cultures living and working together on a very friendly basis. Getting insight to a big company like HSL and being able to experience how important every division – especially how they collaborated – was also new to me.

Furthermore, I was very astonished about how friendly the employees were to me, and how kindly they treated each other. Since I did the internship before I went to University, there was regrettably limited things I was able to help with. But after my first semester and in retrospect, I can now say that there were a lot of things I have seen during my internship that are currently part of my courses – for instance, I now have basic knowledge in controlling and mechanics, and would be able to apply that to the work of the Finance/Operations Divisions.

Muzakkir Bin Samat
23 May to 29 July 2016 Industrial Attachment

Civil Engineering Student, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Why HSL?

HSL is one of the few local companies with many exciting civil works projects. I applied to the Bedok Canal project in hopes of getting that exposure, and to learn more about the construction processes.

What did you enjoy most during your internship?

My time with the team. My team members were very nurturing and would continuously impart both technical and non-technical aspects of the project to me. Although my time with HSL was brief, my team never failed to embrace me as one of them, enabling my growth both as a person and future engineer.

How have you applied what you learnt in school?

Construction management and ground engineering knowledge were especially helpful. My studies also helped familiarise me to construction jargon so I could better communicate my concerns and effectively understand, and thus execute instructions.

What have you learnt through this internship ? How has it benefited you?

Sometimes what was formally planned and designed may not actually be executed. I was exposed to many unforeseen circumstances and challenges which I do not get from textbooks. Furthermore, the perseverance demonstrated by the team, and the strategies employed to ensure smooth project delivery, are things that cannot be learnt in school. All of the above will be helpful to me in my future employment.

Huang Enyi
9 May to 15 July 2016 Industrial Attachment

Business Student, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Why HSL?

HSL is a company that truly cares about its people, and shows it through various initiatives. I wanted to experience working in the HR division of such a progressive company.

 What did you enjoy most during your time there?

I enjoyed learning new things about all facets of HR, especially those relating to the construction industry because I had little prior knowledge. I also enjoyed working with the team as they were helpful and always willing to teach.

How have you applied what you learnt in school?

Throughout my internship, I managed to put some of the theoretical knowledge that I gained from school into action. What I learnt in school has served as a base for more in-depth, on-the-job learning.

Did what you learnt during your internship benefit you?

I learnt a lot about the various HR functions and the challenges and opportunities of HR today, both in general and industry specific. Also, while working with the team, I learnt to be more inquisitive and bold.

Cheah Wenbin
16 May to 22 July 2016 Industrial Attachment

Civil Engineering Student, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Why HSL?

I was intrigued by the scope of civil engineering that HSL specialises in. Marine civil engineering is unique and vastly different from what most firms in the Building and Construction industry engage in. This internship would give me invaluable knowledge and experience.

What did you enjoy most during your internship?

Moments at site. Most of the works carried out was new to me. I realised that school knowledge is inadequate. Working with capable and patient engineers allowed me to better grasp certain engineering concepts. Special thanks to my project manager Daniel, who gave good insights to the industry.

How have you applied what you learnt in school?

I referred back to my notes when I did not understand certain forms of construction work, such as the casting of concrete for foundation. I was able to apply fundamental concepts to help me comprehend the actual work.

What have you learnt and how has it benefited you?

Safety is the number one priority in the construction industry. During my internship, I participated in weekly safety site visits where I observed how a safety personnel carries out his responsibilities. As a future site engineer, I would be able to ensure that works carried out on site will not compromise on safety.

Tan Jia Yue
16 May to 22 July 2016 Industrial Attachment

Civil Engineering Student, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Why HSL?

Because it has successfully completed a number of plant and ground engineering projects that align with my area of interests. Also its engineering business has been growing steadily over the past decade.

What did you enjoy most during your internship?

Interacting with the friendly staff, and gaining valuable knowledge related to the civil engineering field.

How have you applied what you learnt in school?

During my time with the Contracts and Legal Division, I applied what I’ve learnt into writing method of statement for the construction processes of contiguous bored pile, strutting, pontoon, etc..

What have you learnt and how has it benefited you?

I’ve learnt more about the tendering process. I visited project sites such as Bedok Canal (Contract 1), Sewage Treatment Plant at Jurong Island and the 3rd Water Desalination Plant at Tuas, which was an eye-opening experience as these were large-scale, meaningful projects that help in national efforts towards flood mitigation (Bedok Canal), and boosting water security (Desalination Plant).

I’ve also picked up some engineering software skills which will be beneficial when I join the industry.

Hong Chia Hong
12 January to 30 May 2015 Industrial Attachment

3rd Year Civil Engineering Student, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Why HSL?
I applied to HSL Constructor Pte. Ltd. as they specialise in Marine Civil and Plant Engineering. These fields are less mainstream as compared to what the usual Building and Construction firms are doing. I wished to do something different and I believed my time in HSL would cultivate unique and highly sought after skills.

What are some of the memorable experiences you have encountered so far?
In these 20 weeks, the experience gained was truly eye-opening. I was actively involved in a variety of construction projects such as site project management, and even played a role in project tendering. Every project was different and we had to come up with different ways to tackle it each time. To experience the process of constructing something from nothing was amazing and truly insightful. Processes such as behind-the-scenes negotiations and liaison are key elements which cannot be derived from textbooks and classroom lessons.

Do you have any advice to your juniors?
I would definitely urge all NTU students to go on a 20 weeks IA as the exposure granted is priceless and enriching.