Removal of Existing Breakwater

Tanjung Priok, Indonesia

Scope of Works

Removal of existing breakwater which stretches 2 km long and consists of 12,000 No. of driven steel sheet pile with rockfill to allow dredging and marine access for this future port (as part of the Kalibaru Port Expansion Project).



Over its 40 years of useful life, the existing breakwater has deteriorated considerably. Thus, delicate seabed trimming of sheet piles followed by guided placement of underwater extraction equipment are the only surest way to ensure complete removal. Perseverance has a future payoff and indeed the 24/7 commitment put forth by the specialized extraction crew meant that the project is right on track for delivery.


  • PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (Pesero) Tbk


  • Pelindo II


  • Tanjung Priok, Indonesia