Piling Works for ASC Plant New Coal Jetty

Cilegon, Indonesia

As part of the plan to enhance its Chlro-Alkali business, the owner decided to invest in a new power plant. When completed in Year 2018, the power plant will significantly reduce the cost of power, ultimately accelerating its business development and competitiveness in Indonesia as well as South East Asia.

With an average pile length of approximately 42 m, HSL selected the 52 m leader piling barge for optimal handling and driving of the piles. Safety in the Oil and Gas downstream is of paramount importance, and as expected, the piling works was carried out under the watchful eyes of the safety-centric piling crew who ultimately delivered the project successfully and safely. The plant also produces chemical products such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is typically used in many household products. In the years ahead, the crew will fondly remember that they contributed to the betterment of society, as the household products they helped produced are used in emerging economies across Asia.


  • PT Ashimas Chemical


  • Cilegon, Indonesia