Piling Works for Ahlone International Port Terminal 2 Project

With increase in economic activities in Myanmar, more container traffic is envisaged. Port development is necessary to boost the nation’s international trade efficiencies by enabling cost-effective high-volume import and exports.

Adani Yangon International Terminal, a company incorporated in Singapore, received the approval from Myanmar Investment Commission to develop, operate and maintain the Ahlone International Port Terminal 2 (AIPT-2). Measuring 630 m in length, AIPT-2 will be capable of handling 800,000 TEUs when fully up in operation. Designed with a deck on 1000 mm Dia CSP pile system, HSL scope involves installation of the piles till the required set criteria.

Myanmar is the first country for HSL’s internationalization journey back in Year 2010 and indeed, the project team is proud to continue the good work and leave footprints in a country that is generating waves of optimism and growth.


  • Adani Yangon International Terminal


  • Sep 2020 - Apr 2021