Jimah East Power Plant 2×1000 MW CFPP

Jimah, Malaysia

Package 1
Client:   Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd.
Project: Civil Works of Intake and Discharge System for Jimah East Power 2 x 1000mw Coal Fired Power Plant 

Construction of Sea Water Intake Pumping Station designed for a size of 63.3m (L) x 50.7m (W) x 14.5m (D) which is connected to Cooling Water Pipe line trench of 1662m (L) x 60m (W) x 7.1m (D) including installation of RCCP Pipe (pipe supplied by Main Con) followed to the Aeration basin of Size 167.2m (Length) x 43.6m (Width) x 12.6m (Depth). From the Aeration Basin the water will flow into the Box Culvert of 25m (Length) x 18.5m (Width) and 11m Sloped depth to connect to offshore outfall structure (another package).

Main Scope of Works:

  • Water Proofing sheet pile works (9,270 Tons)
  • Open Cut Excavation of (542,000 m3)
  • Temporary Shoring Works of  (1,524 Tons)
  • Deep Excavation of  (24,000 m3)
  • Concrete works (46,000 m3)
  • RCCP Pipe Installation (1662m – 4 Nos. of Max. Size 160” Diameter Pipe)
  • GRP Pipe Installation (370m – 2 Nos. of Max. Size 114” Diameter Pipes)

Package 2
Client:   Taisei Corporation
Project: Seawater Intake Channel Works and Dredging for Auxiliary Jetty

Main Scope of Works:

  1. Dredging and disposal
  2. Sand Replacement
  3. Construction of Rock Mound Jetty and Crusher Run Roadway
  4. Construction of Channel Rock Layer

Package 3
Client:   Taisei Corporation
Project: Cooling Water Outfall Works

Main Scope of Works:

  1. Supply & drive 700 & 800mm dia concrete spun piles (Total – 608 nos)
  2. Fabrication of precast concrete pile caps (608 pcs)
  3. Fabrication of precast concrete box culverts (300 pcs x 260ton/pc)
  4. Installation of precast concrete pilecaps & box culverts
  5. Dredging & disposal works


  • Tenaga Nasional Berhad


  • Jimah, Malaysia