Improvement to Bedok Canal Contract 2

Between Upper Changi Road East and Bedok Junction

The existing Bedok Canal is located between Upper Changi Road East and Bedok Junction and it is a trapezoidal canal of approximately 38m width. The objective of the project is to enhance and improve the usability of the canal and to allow it to cope with more intense storms.

Since it was first constructed in the 1970s, the Bedok Canal has been due for upgrading as the canal is subjected to tidal influence and floods may occur when heavy rain coincides with high tide. With the anticipated trend of intense storms happening more frequently, the canal upgrading will enhance flood protection for the estate around the canal in the long run. In tandem with the upgrading works, the canal will undergo a makeover under PUB’s ABC (Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters) Programme, which aims to transform utilitarian water bodies into beautiful waterways that bring people closer to the water. With cantilevered pathways along the western bank of the canal and the addition of a park connector along the eastern bank of the canal, the project will provide additional recreational spaces for the residents.

There are four major construction works. First, the existing trapezoidal canal of approximately 1,200m length and 38m width will be reconstructed into an open U-drain of 44.5m width. Second, 750mm diameter sewer, manhole chambers and ancillary of approximately 100m length will be constructed. Third, the two neighborhood parks (Bedok Ria Crescent Park and Eastwood Park) will be upgraded with two rain gardens and one vegetated swale. Last but not least, landscaping and architectural finishes will be constructed adjacent to the U-drain canal, in addition to all other ancillary and incidental works as shown in the tender drawings, and as specified in the tender documents. The ABC Waters design includes features such as rain gardens and vegetated swales to help promote biodiversity, while the canal will be beautified with greenery on the walls of the canal to be integrated holistically with the Bedok Ria Crescent and Eastwood parks.


Major activities of this project are as highlighted below: –

  1. Deepening of 37m length of the existing canal under the MRT viaduct within the MRT Railway Protection Zones
  2. Construction of reinforced open U-canal of 1,160m length
  3. Construction of contiguous bored piles, bored piles and micro piles
  4. Construction of a cantilever slab on the western bank of the new reinforced open U-canal
  5. Partial flow diversion to allow for the construction of a 20m long section of widened and deepened canal for installation of tidal gates
  6. Construction of service bridge, two temporary footbridges, two permanent footbridges, one temporary vehicular bridge
  7. Laying of a 750mm standby sewer pipe parallel to the existing 750mm sewer pipe under the existing canal
  8. Construction of temporary PCN on eastern bank of canal which will be eventually converted into a permanent PCN


  • Public Utilities Board (PUB)


  • Bedok, Singapore