Civil Works for Jurong Aromatics Corporation

Jurong Island, Singapore

One of the latest facilities to be constructed on Jurong Island, the Jurong Aromatics Complex is a US$2.4 billion project poised to produce 1.5 million tons of aromatics and 2.5 million of transport fuel annually upon completion in 2014.

In December 2011, HSL Constructor was awarded the contract to execute the civil and RC precast pipe rack works, which essentially comprise structural foundations, pipe rack precasting, excavation, paving and drainage works. Interestingly, unlike the conventional method using steel elements, the pipe racks were precast and subsequently installed on-site. By introducing the precast methodology, construction time is significantly reduced with the additional benefits of high quality finishes and material savings.

Being one of the first companies to be involved in this new area of RC precast pipe rack structures in Singapore, HSL is honored to play a role in opening up new horizons for precast elements in the construction of petrochemical facilities.


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  • Jurong Island, Singapore