Velvizhi, Design Engineer

Velvizhi Dhandapani

Design Engineer (2014)
The game changer

Why HSL? 

I read about HSL and some newspaper articles online and decided to apply upon realizing HSL has an extensive background in the area of marine and geotechnical works. Compared to doing inland and offshore construction, marine civil works involves more ambiguity as the variable changes in conditions of marine and geotechnical works, requires ingenuity and aggressive problem solving to find workable engineering solutions.


What are some of the memorable experiences you have encountered so far?

As a start, I worked with the project team at the Power Saraya project, the feeling I had was a home away from home. Despite the occasional work debates, we still came together as one to overcome challenges. I missed the feeling of looking beyond our own problems and helping one another after the project ended.

In dealing with the client’s expectations, I have to answer tough questions which challenge me to learn and think more critically in order to refine solutions and communicate my ideas effectively. This type of situation with the clients gives me an adrenaline rush sometimes which is a mix of anxiety and excitement. However, when I manage to overcome this and satisfy the clients requirements that feeling of achievement is simply rewarding.

In addition, the management is supportive in providing us with the space to explore deeper technical work within and out of design engineering. Since moving into the new office at Penjuru, the generous physical space with many well-furnished meeting rooms has enabled us to have productive discussions.


What are you currently working on?

Provide technical expertise for projects tender in the Contracts division is my current role. In doing this, I have to think of alternative proposals and solutions to overcome cost issues relating to materials, techniques, and some labor intensive matters. Given quick turnaround datelines, I often have to innovate workable practices and techniques on a wide range of projects with each having their own unique requirements. I love this!