Workplace Cohesion

The company regularly runs the Employee Engagement Survey, where the objectives are to continually improve processes, policies and communication across the organisation, celebrate our strengths in vision and values alignment, and understand our business priorities.

We tapped on innovative ways to encourage employees’ participation, such as by pasting tongue-in-cheek stickers on fruits, and introducing fun and quirky posters to take up temporary residence in common areas.

The Human Resources Division’s mission being,

‘To build a driven and harmonious community of talents’

propels us to facilitate active engagement and dialogues between the management and our people. To open a two-way communication between the management and the people, we hold Town Hall Talks, Annual Company Retreats, Regional Conferences, weekly circulars and memos from the CEO to really capture the attention of our people. Open mic sessions are a typical part of our people’s dialogue with the management.

HSL paces its people with festive gatherings and celebrations for each season. The company uses such celebratory platforms to give thanks to all employees, announce bonus pay outs or significant business achievements, and giving out of awards, bursaries and prizes to employees.

In true Singaporean fashion, all of such events are accompanied by extravagant banquets and entertainment by hired hands and in-house performers with hidden talents apart from our daily routine.

Our people are truly a special breed of party animals! To name a few of such events, they are:

  • Annual Dinner & Dance (Zouk), HSL Family Day, Worker’s Dinner & Talent Show, Annual CNY Party, Christmas Party, National Day Rededication Service, Fruits Party, etc.