Hadley Cheung

9 Jan to 23 Jun 2017 Industrial Attachment
Civil Engineering Student, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Why HSL?

Unlike most contractors, HSL has a diverse core business profile which includes Marine Civil Engineering, Plant Civil Engineering and Ground Engineering. Being a budding young engineer, an internship with HSL provided me with an opportunity to gain insight into the vast field of civil engineering.


What did you enjoy most during your internship?

I enjoyed the opportunity to walk the site and witness the civil works up close. Experienced and approachable engineers shared their experience and insight on construction techniques, management skills and recommended future career path for young engineers like me.


How have you applied what you learnt in school?

Knowledge of steel work, concreting and construction management were especially practical on site.  Our studies in these fields of civil engineering helped us to interpret technical jargon and understand the reasons behind various construction methodologies


What have you learnt and how has it benefited you?

Coordination between various contractors and flexibility of project engineers is key to power through unforeseen circumstances and challenges that engineers face on a daily basis.  In addition, construction techniques, computing skills and project management skills outside the scope of our school’s curriculum equip us with the necessary experience for being a project engineer in the future.