Daphne, Senior Contracts Engineer

Daphne Phua

Senior Contracts Engineer (2007)
Mother of four

Why HSL?

As a mother, I value spending quality time with my family. HSL’s numerous family-friendly initiatives, and supportive culture, encourage me to manage both my personal and work life in an effective and rewarding manner.


How has your experience been so far?

As a Senior Contracts Engineer, I was involved in handling claims and tenders which required me to liaise with multiple stakeholders. Few months into my employment in Year 2008, I was expecting my second child. My initial reaction was to keep it from my bosses, worried that I may be viewed as unproductive. To my surprise and relief, they were very happy for me! You need the support of the company, and that’s the reason why I am a proud mother of a SG50 baby in Year 2015.


What do you think of the Work-Life Programme?

I truly appreciate the flexibility of the Work-Life Programme as it allows me to shoulder on more childcare responsibilities. My immediate superior is understanding and accommodative of my need for urgent leave, on the only condition that I complete my tasks within agreed deadlines. A mutual trusting relationship between an employee and employer is very important, and I am proud to be in an organisation where contributions are measured by results and not merely attendance.