Daniel, Senior Project Manager

Daniel Ong

Human Resources/Senior Project Manager (2008)
First Class Bachelor

Why HSL?

I decided to join and stay on with HSL because of two key reasons. First, it is a young and promising company with well-formulated business plans for sustainable growth. I believe that when a young company is on its way to achieve great things, it presents great opportunities to its people. Second, the organization has in place Individual Development Plans and structured Career Progression Paths for its employees, which I deem crucial not only for propelling career growth, but also stretching limits and developing leadership skills.


How has your experience been so far?

When I first joined HSL, I was given the opportunity to work in the largest marine project for the company. The experience trained me to think on my feet and honed my engineering judgment. With each successful project delivery, I learned to face challenges in a positive manner. Throughout the years, this has shaped my approach towards unexpected change – I embrace them – and continually reinforced a can-do attitude.

Memorably, I was involved in the 2010 rebranding exercise in which the company re-positioned its business focus, gained a new identity and became more confident. It was indeed an eye opener.


Has your career outlook from a Project Engineer and now as part of an experienced management team changed?

As a fresh graduate with little knowledge of the construction business, picking up relevant skills and knowledge was my priority and I approached everything with a curious mind. Now, learning is still my main driving force and this enables me to hold on to my youthful edge of remaining undaunted in the face of challenges!


What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am holding onto various portfolios in Human Resources (HR) and Regional Projects. This arrangement allows me to seek out opportunities for collaboration between the two, establishing greater rapport and achieving business effectiveness. Striking a balance between projects and HR requires not just effective time management, but importantly, supportive team players, to make it possible.