Environment and Energy

Creating a Sustainable and Responsible Business by Managing our Environmental Impacts

We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our activities. As such, we endeavor to use energy and manage wastes in ways that ensure long term sustainability of the organization.

In 2012, we started a programme of work to improve our energy performance. Each year, HSL consumes approximately 409,000 kWh of electricity, costing us over (S$100,000) every year. We know that we can reduce our energy consumption which will cut costs and improve our environmental performance, especially reducing our organizationโ€™s emissions of carbon dioxide which contribute to global climate change. Since implementing the Energy Management System, our kWh per Working Man Hour of 1.25 at the start of 2011 was reduced to 0.63 in February 2013.

We are a responsible organization that takes its impact on the planet seriously. By taking action to reduce this impact, we can lead others by example and build a reputation as a responsible business.